Kid Zone (K – 5th Grade)

Going deep with the G-Kidz! Get on board the G-Kidz submarine and get ready for the ride of your life! This Sunday morning experience has been designed specifically for your elementary student’s needs. Your child is welcomed into a fun atmosphere and can take part in various activities before the service begins. There is an interactive video for lively music and worship. Breakout Groups for each grade level, K-5th, provide a time for a Kid Zone leader to help your child further understand the Biblical truths presented during the video using age appropriate discussion questions, art projects and games. The G-Kidz Store and surprise activities make the Kid Zone the greatest time of the week for your child! Don’t miss the opportunity to go deep with the G-Kidz into God’s Word!


Lil’ G’s (2 year olds – Pre-K)

Welcome to the deep blue sea! Is that a whale? A starfish? A stingray? Yes! In these classrooms your child will go deep into God’s Word. Each week, Boz or Lil’ K will meet them and help the Bible come alive in their hearts and minds. With interactive teaching, videos, craft projects, and fabulous surroundings, your child will connect in new ways to the truth of God’s Word. A Take-Home Sheet will be provided each week so that your child can share what they learned and parents can have the opportunity to continue the same lesson throughout the week — deepening the understanding of God’s Word for your child.

Lil’ G’s is divided into two classrooms: a class for two and three year olds, and a 4 year old through Pre-K Class.  Lil’ G’s leaders are ready to greet your child each week and help them experience the truth of God in a fun, exciting way! After checking your child in at the G-Kidz Check-In Table, come on back to the deep blue sea!


Baby G’s (Newborn to 24 months)

The Baby G’s was created with your child in mind. Bright and beautiful colors of an under-the-seascape fill the walls and welcome your newborn to 24 month old. Whether it is one-on-one interaction your child desires or just a quiet place to rest, the Baby G’s is the place for them. Your child will be checked in at the G-Kidz Check-In Table where you can note any special needs. Diaper bag tags are available for parents to place on their bag upon entering the Baby G’s room.



The primary ministry experience for the G-Kidz will take place during G-Kidz Sunday morning worship. There are also several activities throughout the year that are planned with your child and your family in mind. These events will present the message of Jesus Christ in a fun, exciting way! In addition, the G-Kidz Ministry will provide resources through handouts and seminars throughout the year to help parents teach their child how to live a life with Jesus.